J. P. Web Apps

About J. P. WebApps


Here at J. P. WebApps we have investigated many different ways to produce Apps for Mobile phones & Tablet PCs, using various options.


We now truly believe we are able to offer the very best available options and design choices at very realistic prices.


Even though our charges for initial design, &  ongoing site rental are low, all future changes or updates to your WebApps are at no extra cost.


We believe this makes us stand out from the crowd.   See some examples on our Photo page and then give us a try.  


Get your own WebApp for your business or organisation, for just £500 including design and rental for the first 6 months, after that the site rental is just £10 per calendar month, or £100 per year payable in advance by Standing Order.


Whilst we are happy to create the initial WebAPp, and maintain it for you, we do also give you the option of editing the WebApp yourself for any quick changes you may want to make, such as special offers, announcements, or just to add, hide, or remove, a particular page.


If in the future you decide you no longer wish to use our WebApp, then just let us know and we will cancel the contract and remove your WebApp from our servers.


Just contact us by E-Mail and we will remove your WebApp site from our servers either immediately, or at the end of the current month, or year, following payment for that period.  You tell us which option you prefer.


Want a FREE 30 Day Trial?


Send us your E-Mail address, and Website Domain name (URL) and we will set up a test system, plus we can even send you your own login details, so that you can edit the WebApp yourself if you want to.


This trial Web-App will work on any mobile phone browser and if you decide you want to keep it, then just pay to upgrade within the 30 days so that we can publish it properly on our servers.