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Did you know that over 70% of people now check out what they want to buy, or where they want to visit, on their mobile phone before making a decision?


Large fancy websites may look great on a full screen PC, especially a nice large 21" plus monitor, but don't so good on a small mobile phone.


If you were struggling to view a large site on a small screen wouldn't you be tempted to try a different site?


Are you losing customers because you do not have a "User Friendly" mobile website?


Even responsive websites can provide too much information, meaning the viewer has to scroll endlessly down the page, with some websites having a virtual page length of 60cm or more (2 feet +) when viewed on a phone screen.  How many people do you think will bother to look that far down to find information?


A Mobile screen should give people enough information to make them want to contact you, or visit your business, not so much information that they give up and go elsewhere.


I can provide you with a really great, easy to use - and view, user= - friendly Web App that will give you a great online presence whenever, or wherever your potential new customer is searching.


Of course, lots of other design people can probably do the same for you, but at what cost?


You can easily pay as much as £1000+ to get a WebApp designed, and then a further £25 - £50 or more each month for the hosting.


Here at J. P. Web Apps we can design a WebApp for you for as little as £200 and then just £10 per month for onward hosting.


Want to see some examples of what we can offer?  Just go over to the Photos page and take a look.


Want to know more?  Phone John Parnell on 07946 413 452


Test drive one of our WebApps below:


My 4N App


Thursday Quiz at Middlemarch Farm, Nuneaton


Mark Northall Social Media


Advanced Healing Therapies, Coventry 


IFA Abacus


Of course, these are just a few ideas of what is possible.


Contact us today to discuss your needs and to see how we may be abe to help you.

Welcome to J. P. Web Apps.

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